Musings on effortless beauty, from an apprentice of the science of skin.

Take a Stand!


We cannot just sit by quietly as fall and its drop in humidity launches a sneak attack on our skin, causing it to riot and peel off our faces in an atrocious manner.  NO! It is not acceptable for us to be walking around with visible flakes of dry skin on our glorious faces, making it rough and ruining our glow.  We cannot live this way! Take a stand with me and fight against the ravages of the change of seasons on our skin.

Ok, I admit I am being a tad dramatic (perhaps it’s the Les Mis fever coming on), but in the past week, I have have undertaken quite an extensive crusade against this cursed dryness, using multiple angles of attack. 

First on my list, exfoliating the skin that has already decided to jump ship.  I turned to my trusty Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for a gentle, yet effective exfoliant.  Pairing that with the muslin cloth from the EVE LOM moisturizing system, and within 2 days, my skin was restored to its baby bottom smoothness.  

But getting rid of the mutinied skin cells is not enough.  Salvaging and retaining what moisture you can is just as important. I always switch to a little thicker, heftier moisturizer for the fall/winter months, which is better at sealing in H2O in the skin. I adore Kiehl’s Cryste Marine or the thicker version of my summer face lotion, Ultra Facial Cream. However, it’s all personal preference and Cetaphil from the drugstore will do the trick just as well as its high end cousins. 

This is not just a problem above the neck. Washing with the oil based Sabon Shower Oil, especially in its bewitching patchouli lavender vanilla scent, is a treat perfect for infusing moisture into dry, ashy arms and legs.  No one wants to look like Ashy Larry. 

And finally, for hair dry as the dead leaves on the ground, I just picked up Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Condition, an Allure pick for 2012.  It’s fantastic for leaving your hair soft as a silk ascot. 

Enough with the metaphors and off you go rocking your perfectly smooth, radiant complexion with an oxblood lip, a chunky scarf, and brand new boots on many a crisp fall day.